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We believe you deserve the fresh air. 

We believe there is a esay way.

AcoMo Aircare

The easy way to 

take care of you

The sterilization in

AirCare way.

Filter free

AirCare uses electric energy patented tech to remove the bacteria and dust without any filter.


Energy saving

It is only 1.7w power comsumpotion. To give you 24/7 clean air.

Elegant Design

Streamlined design, and graceful white dotted with elegant bright blue in the minimalist structure.


AirCare are so quite, you don't even feel it during operation. it perectly fit baby enviroment and office.

Have you read the test reports before purchasing the air purifier


Size : 90(W)*95(D)*290(H)mm

Weight : 700g

Voltage : 100v - 240v  / 60Hz

Power : 1.7W

Original:Made In Taiwan

Colors:Blue / Pink / Green


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